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2016 Keynote Addresses

Tom Purves
Vice President of Digital Products, Visa Inc.

Secrets and hard-learned lessons, from (almost) twenty years of building digital products for the new economy. Whether within big enterprise or founding your own startup, the path to building big new things is rarely easy. But, there are a common set of skills, mindsets, and even tricks that can help make you successful.


Mike Shaver
General Partner, Real Ventures

In early 2012, Facebook faced a stark challenge: users were moving to mobile, but the company’s product development and business weren’t. Mike will share his learning gathered from transforming Facebook from mobile-last to mobile-first and how it required building everything from custom tools to new recruiting practices.

Mike Ross
Founding Partner, Juniper

In this talk, Mike dissects the ingredients that leaders need to put in place to build more creative cultures and discusses the implementation imperative that makes the real difference between the organizations that innovate and those that don’t.